Photoshoot Paris

A Photoshoot in Paris

A photoshoot in Paris is such a unique way to create lifelong souvenirs of your dream holiday. A trip to the City of Lights may be a once in a lifetime experience, and therefore totally worthy of being captured by a photographer who not only loves and lives in Paris, but who also knows the city’s best kept secrets. If you’re coming to Paris and planning to have a  glamorous portrait photoshoot or photos with your partner or family,  I’m happy to guide you through some of your options…

Couples Photography

Not only the City of Lights; Paris is the city of love and romance and also affectionately known as the City of Love. Just ask any couple who has visited if Paris really is as romantic as its reputation deems it to be?!. (oui!) I have photographed couples in Paris for the last few years and the rate of spontaneous proposals here is (not surprisingly) high! Other events I have photographed for couples include: honeymoon photoshoots, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day getaways and even an elopement!

Couples photoshoots Paris
Photoshoot Paris

Family Portraits

I’d be incredibly honoured to capture your family’s trip to Paris. This is my ultimate favourite type of photoshoot. Creating a legacy and heirloom for your family and future generations is my “raison d’etre”. Priceless memories of you with your kids, parents, siblings, so that you exist in photos together with an eternal reminder of such a special moment shared.

Travelling alone? Treat yourself!

I’ve been that girl, travelling alone in a big city, nobody to take my photo in front of the city’s icons (yes, I am a selfie-stick snob). The famous Paris icons are the most recognisable in the world – the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids de Louvre, Jardins de Tuileries, Palais Royal, the back streets of Montmartre. Coming to Paris in Spring? Cherry Blossom photoshoots are something else… I know the most beautiful corners of the City of Lights and I would love to take you on your own personal photo tour of Paris.

Eiffel Tower Photoshoot

Enquire and Pricing for a Paris Photoshoot

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I would love to help you print your photos. All too often our photos are kept on a USB key or hardrive, easily forgotten or lost due to corruption. Let's print them and even get them up on your walls! Let me know what you are interested in below and I will send you further info:


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