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Hannah came to Paris to celebrate her 40th birthday, starting the celebrations with a photoshoot followed by a night out at the Palais Garnier to see a performance of “Jerome Robbins”.

November 2023 may have been the rainiest month in all my years as a photographer in Paris. The heavy gray skies and rain persisted throughout the month, and it was no different on the morning of our photoshoot.

We decided to meet up regardless!

The Louvre’s arcades, specifically underneath the Pavilion Rohan, are my usual wet weather backup plan, but the rain and gusty winds were intense on this day!

And then Hannah arrived looking like she’d stepped straight out of the shower after her rude Uber driver insisted upon dropping her off at the wrong location. Note for future reference one must precise Place du Carousel otherwise they will drop you off at the periphery of the very large area that the multiple buildings of the Louvre occupy.

Despite this, both Hannah and I were determined to get at least a few beautiful images to mark her 40th birthday celebration in Paris. The lack of much natural light provided “a mood” and Hannah still managed to shine in her sparkly dress and sweet heels. How gorgeous are the opera glasses that were gifted to her by her family?! She used them to watch the ballet that night at Palais Garnier

As always the architectural marvels of the Louvre arcades served as a stunning vignette for our photoshoot with the columns and archways in line with Hannah’s birthday theme of Paris and the ballet.

Once the rain eased off a little we made our way over to Le Carousel café to drink tea and warm up a little!

Despite the rocky start – wet hair and all – it ended up a memorable and successful photo session. I love the photos and I am grateful to Hannah for being such a good sport!

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