Paris Photography Workshop

Create a Portfolio of work you LOVE, in Paris

Paris Shoot Out experience

Take part in the ultimate Paris photography workshop with my Paris Shoot Out experience. This unique Parisian photography portfolio-building opportunity will elevate your portfolio with beautiful images created in the heart of the City of Light.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Paris as you capture stunning images at two iconic locations, with models chosen specifically to suit your genre, wearing beautiful outfits of your choice.

I am Rachel Calvo, a professional photographer with 10 years of experience shooting on location in Paris for international clients.

The great portrait photographer and photography educator, Sue Bryce, introduced me to the concept of Dream Photoshoots in Paris in 2015 when I attended her workshop at Graphi Castle in Italy.

Since then I have been growing my portrait business while photographing beautiful women and their families in Paris. This city is beyond beautiful and there are photo opportunities on literally EVERY corner.

Why Participate in a Paris Shoot-Out?

If you dream of being booked to photograph your clients in Paris, you will need a portfolio to SELL them the idea. Plant the idea and watch it grow –  I am pretty sure Sue Bryce once said: “You sell what you show”.

How can you start booking photoshoots for your clients when they come to Paris? By showing them that you know Paris, that you have experience in photographing clients in Paris, and that you offer not only an extraordinary Parisian photoshoot experience – but you can also produce for them, beautiful artwork featuring them in their beloved Paris.

  • Build Your Portfolio: Add diverse and high-quality images to your portfolio, showcasing your ability to work with different models and settings.
  • Experience Paris: Immerse yourself in the city’s culture and beauty, creating unforgettable memories and photos.
  • Collaborate and Learn: Connect with a photographer who is not only a local but knows all the secrets of producing successful photoshoots in Paris. I will share insights, location ideas, the best times of day and year to shoot in Paris, and so much more.

What to Expect

  • Morning Session: Start your day with a photoshoot at a renowned Parisian landmark. With the city as your canvas, you’ll capture the morning light and the tranquillity of Paris before the tourists take over!
  • Authentic Models: Work with two models who embody the diversity and beauty of everyday women. Whether it’s the youthful energy of a younger model or the unique charm of an older or curvy model, you’ll have the chance to create compelling and varied images.
  • Pause Dejeuner: Pause for lunch at a famous Paris bistro. Enjoy a Parisian dining experience when you can Ask Me Anything. I not only have knowledge about all things Parisian but I was an SEO consultant in a past career and most of my photography clients find me through Google.
  • Afternoon Session: Conclude the day with a photoshoot at a second iconic location. With a fresh perspective and the afternoon light, you’ll have the opportunity to capture a different side of Paris’s charm and elegance.
  • Studio Wardrobe: Access a varied collection of mega skirts and dresses including a Flying Dress
  • Private Driver: We will be chauffeured around in comfort and have our driver take care of our personal belongings and on call to move us from location to location.
  • Hair and Makeup Artist: Both models will be made up by one of Paris’s top hair and makeup artists

Some of my favourite photoshoots in Paris