Visiting Paris by yourself? Solo travellers, this one’s for you

Visiting Paris by yourself? Solo travellers, this one’s for you

Paris, Paris, you are such a celebrity; you are pretty and you know it, and your reputation precedes you – which is a good and bad thing because admit it, you are a little bit intimidating too, right?

As an Aussie living in Paris,  I know only too well what it’s like to become overwhelmed while weaving one’s way through a foreign city. A friendly face, amongst a sea of cranky Parisians,  is a truly welcome sight especially when it belongs to someone with some local knowledge. I love hanging out with the locals when I travel!

Paris Photoshoots for Solo Travellers

So if you are looking for that friendly face and maybe want to capture some of your excellent adventure in beautiful timeless portraits – I’m your girl. I’ve accompanied many a solo traveller on my photo shoots in Paris. There is nothing more fun than dressing up and visiting some of the world’s mosts famous iconic sights.  I’ll give you as much direction and posing prompts as needed, consequently, there will be a lot of laughing. We can also confuse the public at the same time… “is she some kind of celebrity?” or “who does she think she is, some kind of celebrity” hehe!

Sunrise shoots at the Eiffel Tower are a famous bucket list item for solo travellers in Paris. We can certainly shoot at sunrise for the most beautiful light, however anytime of the day is gorgeous on the Trocadero and surrounding areas.  We will be competing with crowds but it is still possible to get that magic shot with a little patience.

My recent Eiffel Tower photoshoot with Jess

photoshoot in paris solo traveller photoshoot Eiffel tower

Solo traveller Photoshoot Paris

Sammy was in town for one night only, and we literally had 45 minutes on a rainy day for her solo traveller photoshoot in Paris. Evilyne was on a fly by visit to see family based in Paris

Paris dream photo shoot photo shoot pont alexandre 3 bridge paris

Photoshoot Montmartre

Babette and I had a lovely afternoon sauntering around Paris: St Michel, Notre Dame and la Butte Montmartre. We were devastated to see our beautiful Cathedral de Notre Dame up in flames only 2 days later.

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Eiffel Tower Photoshoot

Eiffel Tower Photoshoot

Euphrasie was travelling through Paris by herself, at a time of the year that I consider the best time of the year in Paris – Spring! For her Eiffel Tower photoshoot we found ourselves on the Champs de Mars where the very famous giant Magnolia tree offered an interesting juxtaposition against the Iron Lady.  What I particularly love about these photos is the contrast of Euphrasie’s femininity and the pinks of the magnolia against the heavy metal structure in the background.



Then we headed up towards the Trocadero for that very well known dramatic perspective of the Eiffel Tower. The walk up from the Champs de Mars is a nice little adventure too! Especially for family photography as the traditional carrousels are also very photogenic and fun for kids and family photos.

Your private photographer in Paris

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Paris Dream Photo Shoot Locations

Paris Dream Photo Shoot Locations

Paris is a dream city for photographers and never fails to stop me in my tracks at least a few times a day. How blessed I am to be living with this as the backdrop to my life. In this post I offer mere fleeting moments captured on my iPhone* as I walk or bike ride through the City, locations that I spy that I think would work well as a backdrop to your dream shoot when visiting the City of Light.

*You can see some of my actual photo shoots using some of these locations on my Paris Photoshoots page