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Eiffel Tower photoshoot
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A photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower will NEVER be a bad idea.

A photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower is my most requested location and I absolutely love capturing my clients with this beautiful iconic structure as the backdrop to our photo shoot.

That first breathtaking glimpse of the Eiffel Tower will stay with you forever and honestly, I am still caught by surprise every time I see the “Iron Lady” – and that can be several times a month!

My Top 5 Eiffel Tower Photoshoot Locations

  1. The Trocadero
  2. Ave de Camoens
  3. Pont d’Iena and the banks of the river Seine
  4. The Champs de Mars
  5. Bir Hakeim

Planning your photo shoot on the Trocadero

There are several great spots surrounding the tower itself and some are more typical than others. The most famous is probably going to be the Trocadero.

Photo shoot on the Trocadero
vacation photographer Paris
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Paris Eiffel Tower photoshoot
The Trocadero is one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Paris. So it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular places to take photos of the Eiffel Tower. The Trocadero offers a great view of the tower, and this is the biggest PRO; its truly unique perspective, from the top of the stairs where you will be treated to a bird’s eye view of the Eiffel Tower. The biggest CON is that it is literally swarming with people from around 7.45/8 am onwards. Tour buses pull up and waves of people descend making a photographer’s work quite difficult! It can also mean, for self-conscious people that it is even harder to let loose and relax for the camera.

Ave de Camoens

Just around the corner from the Trocadero, you will find my favourite spot for many reasons – click over to my blog about Ave de Camoens

Photo shoot on the ave de camoens
family photoshoot ave de camoens
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lifestyle couple photoshoot on parisian street with eiffel tower in the background

Pont d’Iena and the banks of the river Seine

Pont d’Iéna is one of the most popular spots for shooting photos of the Eiffel Tower. The bridge spans the River Seine and provides a stunning view of the tower. It’s a great place to capture the tower in all its glory, especially at sunset.

Karderia dreamed of having her portrait taken in front of the Eiffel Tower at night and asked for Pont d’Iena specifically to recreate a photo that she had been inspired by. We waited 10 minutes until just after sunset when the tower lit up and finished our VIP shoot there.

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Night photoshoot at Eiffel Tower

The Champs de Mars

The Champs de Mars is a large park located between the Eiffel Tower and Ecole Militaire – perfect for a photo shoot because of its variety of features. In Spring the flowering trees include cherry blossom or sakura and magnificent Magnolia trees too. There are sandstone benches, winding footpaths, larger grassy areas, and the option of either having the Eiffel Tower more or less prominent in the photos.

The Champs de Mars is great for picnic photoshoots, or for something a little more secluded from the crowds of tourists. Just like the picnic I organised for Catherine and Jake who were celebrating their honeymoon in Paris

Euphrasie was traveling through Paris by herself, at a time of the year that I consider the best time of the year in Paris – Spring! For her Eiffel Tower photoshoot, we found ourselves on the Champs de Mars where the very famous giant Magnolia tree offered an interesting juxtaposition against the Iron Lady.  What I particularly love about her photos is the contrast between Euphrasie’s femininity and the pinks of the magnolia against the heavy metal structure in the background.

Champs de Mars Eiffel Tower Photographer
couple photoshoot eiffel tower picnic
picnic photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Champs de Mars

Bir Hakeim

Bir Hakeim is a bridge in Paris that spans the River Seine. It connects the left bank of the river with the right bank and the Metro trip between offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower too! Bir Hakeim is a popular spot for photographers because of its dramatic views of the Eiffel Tower, but it’s also a great wet weather option due to the shelter the bridge offers, and the easy access to the balcony looking out at the tower in between rain showers.  Bir Hakeim bridge has an interesting history and it has been used as a set in several films, including Inception starring Leonardo Dicaprio. “Forget The Eiffel Tower, Here’s The Inception Bridge!”

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photoshoot Bir Hakeim

Book Your private Eiffel Tower photographer in Paris

I would love to capture your time in Paris. Is a photoshoot in Paris on your bucket list? I offer all types of photoshoots for women and I especially love working with solo travellers: I can produce your very own VIP private photo shoot with hair and makeup and beautiful designer gowns but I also have quick informal style shoots too. Families and couples are of course also welcome! Click here for further information on my Paris photoshoots.