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I hereby declare that Ave de Camoens is the most photogenic street in Paris.

And that is saying something since well, Paris is rather spectacular in general!

My photography clients are often attracted by the view of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero and I agree this is pretty impressive too. However, if you love early 1900s architecture, cobblestone streets and classic street lamp vibes, you will absolutely adore the results of a photoshoot on Ave de Camoens! It’s the best of Paris summed up in one small avenue.

Why else do I love photoshoots on Ave de Camoens:

1. The light here is pretty special, at any time of the day.
2. There are significantly fewer tourists, at any time of day
3. It’s more private and for camera-shy clients, it offers a more intimate vibe. It’s also easier to find a corner if a quick change of outfit is required.
4. A car can drive in and drop you right where you will be photographed. This is great for less abled bodies and also if you have a wicked car and want to use it in the photoshoot.
5. It’s an excellent starting point for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot.
6. The architecture of the avenue is breathtaking and it’s always a marvel to stop and have a little dream about maybe living there one day too 😉
7. The neighbours are true Parisians and that means they have a certain character…. the resident guardians ( those that look after the well-being of the buildings) are always around to have a little chat (and sometimes argument) with too.

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Paris photographer eiffel tower photoshoot