When Deborah booked her “short and sweet” Paris photoshoot she expressed an interest in capturing some portraits of herself in her beloved city, Paris. As a self-confessed francophile with a deep appreciation for French cuisine, art, literature – and learning the language – it felt fitting that she captured some moments of herself looking relaxed and happy during her latest visit through a series of portraits.

We met one early July morning on the Pont Neuf – a historic bridge located in the heart of Paris, France. Despite its name, which means “New Bridge” in English, it is actually the oldest standing bridge across the Seine River in Paris. Pont Neuf is not just a physical link between the two banks of the Seine but also a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural heritage, making it a must-visit destination for tourists exploring Paris.

Pont Neuf also holds personal significance for Deborah, and this is what made the photoshoot extra special. Visiting Paris is not only about seeing its famous icons, it’s about creating beautiful souvenirs with loved ones, or for the women who travel here on epic solo adventures, it’s the experiences and encounters that turn into life-changing moments.  Ca, c’est la belle vie!

Kind words from Deborah

“Through a friend, I discovered Rachel who helped me overcome my discomfort in front of the camera. I had never been able to capture a great photo in France before, but Rachel’s amazing eye for finding inner beauty allowed her to naturally draw out my own inner beauty in each shot. I was mesmerized by the way she was able to capture me so naturally and make me feel comfortable during the photo shoot. Rachel is an incredibly talented photographer, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to capture their own unique beauty in a photograph. Merci beaucoup Rachel!”

Makeup by Joleen Emory

P.S Deboarah’s Secret Traveller’s Tip – there’s a very well-cared-for toilet right near Pont Neuf in the basement of La Samaritaine department store (the store is worth a visit – but make sure you go to the very top floor too)

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