Fun photoshoots for kids and families in Paris

Lucy booked a photoshoot to celebrate her daughter Isabella’s birthday in Paris. We spent a full morning together exploring the possibilities that Paris has to offer. It was so much fun seeing the world through Isabella’s eyes and capturing her sweet, curious personality and free spirit.

kids photo shoots Paris

How does a Couture Kids photoshoot work?

Unlike a studio photoshoot, shooting on location offers my young clients the opportunity to create their own narratives. I am led by your child’s decisions and they are part of the process from the very beginning.

1. They have a choice in their outfits. Just like with my adult clients, I want them to feel confident and happy with what they are wearing. If your child wants to be Catwoman, let’s create a theme around it!

2. They can choose their favourite Paris location. I am flexible up to the last minute so if they have decided that after visiting the Louvre it feels like their spiritual home, we can certainly include it as one of our locations.

3. If they want to chase pigeons, climb the balconies of the Louvre and hug every puppy that walks by (hello Isabella smile ) then they have the right to do so!

Wardrobe for Kids

I have several outfits for those who like outfits that are pink and sparkly, ballerina skirts, and a red and black satin cape. I also have hats, flowers, a flower crown and accessories for hair. We can also source new outfits that we can discuss during the consultation.

Book your own Paris photoshoot

Would you like to capture your trip to Paris and create lifelong souvenirs for your child to look back in years to come? I’d love to help you make it happen.

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