Eiffel Tower Photoshoot

Eiffel Tower Photoshoot

Euphrasie was travelling through Paris by herself, at a time of the year that I consider the best time of the year in Paris – Spring! For her Eiffel Tower photoshoot we found ourselves on the Champs de Mars where the very famous giant Magnolia tree offered an interesting juxtaposition against the Iron Lady.  What I particularly love about these photos is the contrast of Euphrasie’s femininity and the pinks of the magnolia against the heavy metal structure in the background.



Then we headed up towards the Trocadero for that very well known dramatic perspective of the Eiffel Tower. The walk up from the Champs de Mars is a nice little adventure too! Especially for family photography as the traditional carrousels are also very photogenic and fun for kids and family photos.

Your private photographer in Paris

I would love to capture your time in Paris. Would you like to experience your own magazine style photoshoot in Paris, such as this one for Euphrasie — A couture portrait session with me is produced in the same way as when I work for a fashion magazine editorial. It’s your very own private photoshoot with hair and makeup and beautiful designer gowns. Have you ever dreamed of your own celebrity style photoshoot? Otherwise, I have quick informal style shoots too click here for further information on my Paris photoshoots.

Couples Photoshoot in Paris with Eric and Sibo

Couples Photoshoot in Paris with Eric and Sibo

The ever so lovely Eric and Sibo contacted me for a couples photoshoot in Paris, as part of their worldwide honeymoon tour. Brilliant idea! Eiffel Tower and le Louvre were our agreed locations, however, the weather was not at all on our side. While Sibo was having her makeup done in her hotel room, it was literally torrential rain outside. We decided to risk it and as our Uber approached the Trocadero, I gazed in amazement over to the Eiffel Tower as the clouds parted, and the sun came streaming through. Biblical moment, much??

Exist in photos for future generations

While we were shooting, Eric and Sibo talked about the importance of recording this special time of their life. We all agreed on the significance of investing in photography and they said it was something they would continue to do as they strongly believe in the value of photos as a legacy. What better way to offer their future generations a glimpse of who they were and their time on this earth.

Finally we headed over to Le Louvre where the light was magical. The Louvre is a great photoshoot location as there are so many possibilities within a short distance including: Jardins de Tuileries, Palais Royal and just on the other side of the Louvre is the main river that runs through Paris, la Seine which offers an entirely new perspective for your photos’ backdrop. There are so many photographic opportunities in Paris, where would you like your couples’ photoshoot in Paris to take place?

happy couples photoshoot louvre paris photographer

Couples photoshoots in Paris

I would love to capture your time in Paris! I offer short-n-sweet couples photoshoots in Paris, such as this one for Eric and Sibo or epic couture portrait sessions that play out the same way a photoshoot works for a fashion magazine editorial. It’s your very own private photoshoot with hair and makeup and beautiful designer gowns. Have you ever dreamed of your own celebrity style photoshoot? Further information on my Paris photoshoots.

Personal Branding Photography on location in Paris

Personal Branding Photography on location in Paris

Personal Branding Photos for professionalsMy lovely French teacher, Yasmine, was overdue for some new personal branding photographs, and so wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous late-Summer mornings in Paris, we organised a portrait session tout-de-suite.

Yasmine mainly wanted to update her personal profile photo for all her social networks, and even though her private French classes are offered in several cities, not only Paris, we thought it would be quite ok to take advantage of the beauty that Paris offers. We decided upon our two personal favourites: The Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.

One could say that the Trocadero is where the view of the Eiffel Tour is the most splendid, and it’s probably one of the most photographed locations in France. The Sacre Coeur is quite simply stunning. However, usually both locations are over-run with tourists!

Take Note! If you book a shoot with me, and your business is based in Paris, I will strongly encourage an outdoors shoot in this beautiful city. Paris is incredibly photogenic, and the possibilities are endless; even if you don’t particularly want to feature any of Paris’s iconic locations in your photos, every corner of the city has photographic potential.

I’m in no rush when I photoshoot, I am not the kind of photographer that limits my booking to a short one hour. If you book me you can expect 100% dedication and I will only call it day when I believe I have captured the photos that show you at your best. This extra time affords us a moment to get to know each other too, and I find my clients can really relax into the shoot after the first half hour. Often my clients will say they had a lot of fun and that they weren’t expecting to enjoy it so much.

Yasmine and I spent around 40 minutes on the Trocadero and surrounding gardens, and then around the corner to my favourite secret Paris location away from the tourists. This more secluded location features a cobbled stone street, some typical Parisian architecture and a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

After a lunch break (and a cheeky glass of rosé), we trekked up to the Sacre Coeur to track down a location I had been wanting to photograph. Another secret, as it’s away from the tourist path, and offers an alternative view of the magnificent church not often seen in the commercial photography of Paris. I love the alternative locations!

Photographe Paris


Thank you Yasmine for a fab shoot,  I am so glad you are happy with, and using your new personal branding images!

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If you need French lessons > Contact Her 😉

Your Portrait Session

Your Portrait Session

The importance of creating and owning portraits has been forgotten, but they are something that should exist as relics for our great-great grandchildren to cherish when they want to learn about their family’s history.

When was the last time you really loved a photo of yourself?

A day spent shooting with me is a fun day of dressing up and is really quite girly (or not, if you’re a fella!) Expect to have a lot of fun – you’ll look fabulous and feel like a supermodel in front of my camera. No experience necessary!

Your portrait session, and the resulting photos, will change the way you see yourself.

A portrait session with me has been described as empowering, a step to self-acceptance and also self-validating. The portraits that we create will be your souvenirs of the unique energy, style and beauty that you are radiating to the world, in which ever phase of life you are living through, right now. It’s a beautiful life! Celebrate it!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Paris Dream Photo Shoot Locations

Paris Dream Photo Shoot Locations

Paris is a dream city for photographers and never fails to stop me in my tracks at least a few times a day. How blessed I am to be living with this as the backdrop to my life. In this post I offer mere fleeting moments captured on my iPhone* as I walk or bike ride through the City, locations that I spy that I think would work well as a backdrop to your dream shoot when visiting the City of Light.

*You can see some of my actual photo shoots using some of these locations on my Paris Photoshoots page