Creating the Perfect Modeling Portfolio: A Guide for Aspiring Models

As an experienced photographer in Paris, I sometimes receive requests from aspiring models looking to create a modeling portfolio for submission to agencies. While some models are familiar with the process, others require guidance on what should be included in their portfolio. 

A successful modeling portfolio should showcase your versatility as a model and demonstrate your ability to work in a variety of styles and genres.

modelling actor portfolio photographer
modelling actor portfolio photographer
modelling actor portfolio photographer

What are Digitals?

Digitals are a type of photo that you would include in your model portfolio when applying to modeling agencies. They are simple, unretouched (or very lightly retouched) photos that show off your physical features. Heavy makeup and fancy hair are generally frowned upon as the purpose of digitals is to provide agencies with a clear and accurate representation of your appearance so they can evaluate you without the need for an in-person audition.

It’s important to make sure your digitals are high-quality and show off your unique features and what will make you stand out as a model. Having an understanding of what makes a strong digital can show the agency that you are serious about your intentions, and may increase your chances of being signed.

Typically, you would include a full-length shot, a headshot, and a profile shot in your digitals, along with your name, stats, and contact information.

Overall, digitals are an important part of your model portfolio, and they can help you showcase your range and potential as a model to agencies.

What else can your portfolio include?

  1. Headshot: A close-up photo of your face, usually taken from the shoulders up. Your headshot should be clear, well-lit, and show off your best features.
  2. Full-length shot: A photo of your entire body, usually taken from the front. Your full-length shot should show off your figure and highlight your posture and poise.
  3. Profile shot: A photo of your side profile, usually taken from the shoulders up. Your profile shot should show off the shape of your face and highlight any distinctive features you may have, such as a prominent jawline or high cheekbones.
  4. Editorial shot: A photo that showcases your ability to work in high-fashion or editorial styles. These photos are often more artistic and dramatic than commercial shots.
  5. Commercial shot: A photo that showcases your ability to work in more commercial styles, such as lifestyle, fitness, or beauty. These photos are often more relatable and natural-looking than editorial shots.
  6. Creative shot: A photo that showcases your personality and creativity as a model. These photos can be more experimental and may feature unusual poses, props, or backgrounds.

If you really want to stand out and make an impression, the photos in your portfolio should be high-quality, well-lit, and professionally shot. Your portfolio should also be well-organized and presented in a professional manner.

Working with a professional photographer who knows what they are doing, can help you create a portfolio that showcases your unique strengths and talents.

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