Why I decided to have a photo shoot with Rachel Calvo. A testimonial by Yasmine Lesire.

Why I decided to have a photo shoot with Rachel Calvo. A testimonial by Yasmine Lesire.

Less than a year ago, I received a request for private French classes from a lady who didn’t live very far from my place, two train stations away only – a miracle in Paris. We met for an introduction meeting and she explained to me her professional project. She was developing a photography service for women. Her project took all my attention. With her best French, she told me why she wants to shoot women, not models, but real women with their beauty, complexity, diversity and authenticity. She offers a unique occasion to women to see their beauty as they are. She proves to them they are all beautiful the way they are.

Rachel took a few classes with me and I was really interested in her project and its evolution. At that time, I already had nice personal branding pictures. I was using them on my social medias and in the signature of my emails. As a business owner, I try to pay attention to the dos and donts in terms of visibility. In addition to visibility, and showing your customers who they are talking to, some advice I read often about social media is to keep your profile picture recent, especially if you are active and interact a lot with people.

During the summer, I was tired of my profile picture and I wanted to give it a new trend and also a new style. A style that was closer to my personal tastes and easily identified. In the same time, I was closely following Rachel’s work on Instagram. Her Instagram account made me dream. I love the style of her photos. At the beginning, I wrongly thought, her sessions were maybe too artistic and suddenly, one day, I saw that she was also offering personal branding pictures for professionals. They were gorgeous and authentic. It took me 2 sec to grab my phone and contact her to plan a photo shoot for my own personal branding. She is so professional that it didn’t take her long to set up everything. The only thing I had to do is to bring my clothes. Rachel knows me quite well now and she reminded me to take a leather jacket, I have a collection of leather jackets and I never go out without mon CUIR.

During half a day, I followed her through Paris. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and where. She guided me through the city. Rachel knows exactly how to encourage natural and relaxed expression as she knows what to say to make you feel comfortable. I was impressed by her facility to identify the moment and capture it. We started near the emblematic Eiffel Tour and we finished the shoot in Montmartre, in a behind the scene spot where only a few people go.

After a few weeks, I was very impatient to see the results. I was hopping up and down and finally, we met for a “reveal session”. Oh my god, I was so happy. The color, the light, the style, everything was perfect. Her pictures reflect my personality and how I am. I look very comfortable on the pictures and it is a miracle because I don’t like to be in front of a camera at all.

I will definitely keep a close eye on Rachel’s work and I will for sure redo a session as soon as I get tired of these pictures, which will take probably a very long time as she gave me enough pictures to be able to create a nice rotation for a couple of months.


Thank you Yasmine, it was fun, and interesting!, to read the experience of a photoshoot with me, from a client’s perspective. I am so glad you enjoyed our photo session and the results.


Want to see photos from my shoot with Yasmine? Well, I’ve already blogged them! You can read about the shoot from the photographer’s perspective and view the results Over Here >

Personal Branding Photography on location in Paris

Personal Branding Photography on location in Paris

Personal Branding Photos for professionalsMy lovely French teacher, Yasmine, was overdue for some new personal branding photographs, and so wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous late-Summer mornings in Paris, we organised a portrait session tout-de-suite.

Yasmine mainly wanted to update her personal profile photo for all her social networks, and even though her private French classes are offered in several cities, not only Paris, we thought it would be quite ok to take advantage of the beauty that Paris offers. We decided upon our two personal favourites: The Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.

One could say that the Trocadero is where the view of the Eiffel Tour is the most splendid, and it’s probably one of the most photographed locations in France. The Sacre Coeur is quite simply stunning. However, usually both locations are over-run with tourists!

Take Note! If you book a shoot with me, and your business is based in Paris, I will strongly encourage an outdoors shoot in this beautiful city. Paris is incredibly photogenic, and the possibilities are endless; even if you don’t particularly want to feature any of Paris’s iconic locations in your photos, every corner of the city has photographic potential.

I’m in no rush when I photoshoot, I am not the kind of photographer that limits my booking to a short one hour. If you book me you can expect 100% dedication and I will only call it day when I believe I have captured the photos that show you at your best. This extra time affords us a moment to get to know each other too, and I find my clients can really relax into the shoot after the first half hour. Often my clients will say they had a lot of fun and that they weren’t expecting to enjoy it so much.

Yasmine and I spent around 40 minutes on the Trocadero and surrounding gardens, and then around the corner to my favourite secret Paris location away from the tourists. This more secluded location features a cobbled stone street, some typical Parisian architecture and a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

After a lunch break (and a cheeky glass of rosé), we trekked up to the Sacre Coeur to track down a location I had been wanting to photograph. Another secret, as it’s away from the tourist path, and offers an alternative view of the magnificent church not often seen in the commercial photography of Paris. I love the alternative locations!

Photographe Paris


Thank you Yasmine for a fab shoot,  I am so glad you are happy with, and using your new personal branding images!

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If you need French lessons > Contact Her 😉

Personal Branding Photos

Personal Branding Photos

A personal branding photoshoot can elevate your business.

My personal branding photography sessions are all about developing your own personal brand photos. My goal is to help you define – or refine – your own personal branding photos so they refelct your true personality and business philosophy so that in turn, you attract the exact type of client that interest you.

Do your potential clients and customer know you exist? Do your photos help you to stand out amongst your competition and, are they memorable?

There are many ways to build your own personal brand: Your logo and strapline, your signature quirks e.g matching red lips and nails, pink hair or a certain mode of dressing.

When you use these style details along with your own unique voice and expertise in a consistent manner,  you’ll project a quality that people will appreciate and remember.

“Be so good they cant ignore you.” ~ Steve Martin

Does your website and online persona reflect your own unique personality and values, or something else?

When was the last time you had a professional photoshoot? Have you ever?

In the age of ‘selfies’ it’s so important (and actually rather easy) to stand out from the crowd.

Let me help you, present to the world, the best version of yourself. 

Find out More about my personal branding sessions or Contact me today and let’s chat about you and your brand.