The importance of creating and owning portraits has been forgotten, but they are something that should exist as relics for our great-great grandchildren to cherish when they want to learn about their family’s history.

When was the last time you really loved a photo of yourself?

A day spent shooting with me is a fun day of dressing up and is really quite girly (or not, if you’re a fella!) Expect to have a lot of fun – you’ll look fabulous and feel like a supermodel in front of my camera. No experience necessary!

Your portrait session, and the resulting photos, will change the way you see yourself.

A portrait session with me has been described as empowering, a step to self-acceptance and also self-validating. The portraits that we create will be your souvenirs of the unique energy, style and beauty that you are radiating to the world, in which ever phase of life you are living through, right now. It’s a beautiful life! Celebrate it!

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