How does it work?

1. The first step is a consultation – we’ll discuss your ideas and get to know each other a little better. The better I know you and your style, the more successful our portraits session will be e.g Are you a whimsical romantic or more femme fatale? Demure, serious, sexy, feisty? Do you see yourself in a ball gown or something more casual…? Connection and understanding between us is everything. I want you to feel comfortable with me so that when we meet again at your portrait session, we’re like old friends – for then, you will allow me to capture your real, beautiful self.

2. The session itself runs pretty much how you might imagine a photoshoot for celebrities. We are going to fuss over you with hair and makeup and dress you to pefection. Then I will guide you throughout the whole shoot. I have studied not only photography and lighting but also posing and expression too – all integral to an amazing portrait. Don’t feel like you need to know how to act in front of a camera as it is my job to guide you into the most flattering poses and angles. You may not recognise yourself, and there may be a few OMG moments too.

If you are having some family portraits, your partner and kids will join us after your own personal time and then we’ll focus more on the group set ups.

3. The Reveal is the day when I show you the best photos from our session, here you will decide on which portraits you will purchase. Depending on which package you have purchased will be a factor in how many photos I will present to you. If you had a family session, I would love if you could all attend the the reveal! It can be an emotional moment, and a good moment to share as the icing on the cake to your families legacy portrait experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.